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Pre-employment backgrounds checks
Gary Middleton • 

Pre-employment backgrounds checks: when you need them and the laws that regulate them 

How can you conduct background checks and still conform with British standards of politeness? Oh yes, and the law—that’s important too. Let’s have a cuppa and we’ll guide you through it.

HR Software
Misleading Pricing Practices - The Dark Side of Discounts
John Crowley • 

Misleading Pricing Practices – The Dark Side of Discounts 

SenseHR takes a dirty dive into the unethical software pricing lures that some HR vendors use to drive sales and trap customers. Join us if you dare!

How next-gen HCM solutions
Sat Sindhar • 

How next-gen HCM solutions will set the people profession free

In Josh Bersin’s latest story he says that we need “HCM systems that are ‘employee systems first, HR systems second”. In this article we talk about all the ways that next generation HCM systems can do that. Let’s jump in the SenseHR time machine and look at the future of HR software!

5 integrations that you need for a complete HR management solution
Bharat Jain • 

The 5 integrations that you need for a complete HR management solution  

Because no HR department is an island, HR management software shouldn’t be either. The best solutions should reflect the interconnected and unique nature of people management … and that means integrations.

HR data safe
Abbi Melville • 

How to keep your HR data safe in 2023 and beyond 

When they sign a contract, your people are agreeing to hand over two of their most valuable assets—their time and their personal data. In return for their time, they can expect compensation.

CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022
John Crowley • 

What’s in store for us at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022? 

As another summer comes to an end and the nights begin to close in, as woolly jumpers grace our shop windows once again, and as we line up at Starbucks for our Pumpkin Spiced Latte, we can’t help but think about a little event beginning with C.

Minimum holiday pay entitlement
Abbi Melville • 

Minimum holiday pay entitlement regulations in the UK: How’s it calculated, who gets it, and why? 

Holiday entitlement can be minefield—and it’s just as explosive if you get it wrong. But don’t worry, after reading this, you’ll be a holiday hotshot with all the answers.

Keeping your HR department GDPR compliant
Abbi Melville • 

Keeping your HR department GDPR compliant 

Surely, everyone in the UK—probably everyone in the whole world—has watched a lion hunt on the TV?

What is the national minimum wage
Gary Middleton • 

What is the national minimum wage, the national living wage, and the real living wage 

Once upon a time—way back in 2016—the legal minimum pay per hour in the UK was dictated by the National Minimum Wage.

Bradford Factor
John Crowley • 

What’s the Bradford Factor and how to use it today 

The Bradford Factor isn’t nearly as boring as it sounds. To start with, it’s at the root of an urban legend…