Diverse workforce

Designed for all types of workers

Whether you hire contractors, freelancers, seasonal workers or other, there’s a place for everyone in SenseHR.

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Diverse workforce
HR software for everyone
HR software for everyone

Manage all worker types

The modern workforce is made up of more than just permanent full-time employees. SenseHR has a place for all your team members.

Include external members

Freelancers and consultants

The modern workforce relies on more contractors than ever before – add your freelancers and consultants to SenseHR.

Include external members
Part time and contractors
Part-time and irregular contracts

Automate calculations like pro-rata leave entitlement, and easily create special rules for irregular contracts.

Seasonal Workers
Seasonal workers

Add seasonal workers to your team, and simply pause them when the season ends – no need to pay for inactive teammates.

Agency Staff
Agency staff

Agency staff can be as much a part of your team as anybody. Add them temporarily to your system with ease.

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