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Per person
Per month

Compact HR system for small companies or HR consultants

  • Compliance - keep compliant with record keeping
  • Move away from spreadsheets
  • Online HR files for each employee
  • Keep track of basic HR data

Per person
Per month

An HR system with all the basic HR essentials

  • Essential HR & Self Service
  • iOS & Android app
  • Employee & contractor friendly
  • Tasks, reminders and alerts

Per person
Per month

For ambitious organisations that are preparing for growth

  • People Onboarding
  • Unlimited custom screens and fields
  • Full site branding
  • On document e-signature

Per person
Per month

For high-growth organisations that need to streamline HR

  • Sense Automate™
  • Real time gross pay calculations
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Full access to every feature
Explore the SenseHR Features
Unlimited Admin Logins
Unlimited Document Storage
All types of employment
Unlimited Leavers - Free of charge
Type to Search (across all areas)
Start on one device, finish on another later
Pre Start Date Site for future starters
UK Phone Support (UK phone number available for all your people)
Centralise your people information and automate the tasks you hate
New Starter Wizard
Employee Self Service
Pay Information
Customisable Profiles for different employment types
Disciplinary & Grievance
Training & Qualifications
Address Finder
Bank Details
Emergency Contacts & Next of Kin
Org Chart
Leaver wizard
People Onboarding
Future Starter login area
Onboarding Workflow
Leaver Offboarding
Offboarding Workflow
Total Reward Statements
Unlimited Custom Screens and Fields
Rename Standard fields
Customisable Dashboards
Payroll - Gross Pay Calculations
Brand your SenseHR site to match your own company colours and logo
Full site Branding
Colour selection
Employee Checks
Store and get reminded about your employee checks, or get SenseHR to do the checks for you
Background Check Storage
Security Check Storage
Unlimited Document Storage
SenseHR Background Check Processing
SenseHR Security Check Processing
SenseHR Document Validation
Sense Automate™ lets you automate any process
System Automation & Processes / Reminders
Tasks/To do/Reminders
Custom Automation & Processes for all areas
Custom alerts & reminders for all areas
Unlimited custom workflows
Store unlimited documents with full on document e-signatures where needed
Unlimited Document Storage
All file types supported
Document Templates
Company Policy Documents
E-Sign (Draw)
E-Sign (Type)
E-Sign (Direct on document)
E-Sign (Download with signature)
Integrate to your current systems, automatically prepare payroll data, or get SenseHR to run it for you
Payroll Integrations
Payroll Extracts
Gross Pay Calculations
Payroll Bureau
See who is in and who's away, integrate to your existing calendars
Group/Teams Planner
Individual Planner
Custom Absence Groups
Custom Absence Reasons
Pro Rata Calculations
Hours and/or Days allowance
Public Holidays
Bradford Factor
Custom work patterns & shifts
Outlook Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Book via Teams
Book via Slack
Book via Whatsapp
Block Dates
Custom return to work workflow
Custom return to work forms
Custom Absence Schemes
Sick Pay Calculations for gross pay
Time & Attendance
Track your people's time and calculate overtime pay
Time Tracking
Clock in/out
Sense Hardware Devices (one off cost)
Hours / Overtime worked Hours
Time gross pay calculations
Overtime pay calculations
Hassle free rota planning
Rota Management
Shift Management
Shift Swap
Build beautiful reports on any data to export, pin to your dashboard or share through SenseHR
Pre Built Common reports
Audit Tracking
Point in Time
Custom Report Builder
Include reports in Dashboards
Keep all your people fully engaged
High Five's (Thanks/Kudo's)
News & Announcements
Slack / Teams Integration
Custom Forms / Surveys
Logging in
Log into SenseHR using email or your mobile number
Email Login
Login via mobile numer
Multi Factor Authentication
Single Sign on
Custom access rights / profiles
Log into SenseHR from any device from anywhere
iOS and Android app
All mobile devices (regardless of version)
Apple (phone & tablet)
Android (phone & tablet)
Push Notifications
Recruit and onboard your new people faster
Linkedin Integration
Indeed Integration
Glassdoor Integration
Logic Melon
Integrate to the systems you love
Microsoft office suite
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Key facts

We don’t charge you extra for the implementation of SenseHR, it's all included in the costs you see above.

All the SenseHR plans above include training to get you up and running.

We don’t hide behind ticket systems, every one of our customers gets dedicated support. This includes telephone support (with a phone number you can dial), email support or via our online help desk - whichever you prefer.

We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts. If you want to leave, it’s just 30 days notice terms.

Our pricing is per person per month. A person is classed as anyone you add into your system - that could be an employee, contractor or freelancer (excluding your leavers).

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SenseHR is an HR System built by HR technology experts with decades of experience working with HR teams across the UK and beyond, and is designed to help organisations not only manage a more flexible workplace, but to also grow and thrive as they welcome a new generation of people.

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