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HR Software for companies where People matter

  • Onboard employees and contractors
  • Pre starter login area for welcome messages
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • Direct 'on document' e-signatures
  • Automatically calculate gross pay for payroll
  • Prices from £1 per person per month
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SenseHR is a complete HR system

SenseHR is a complete HR and automation system

SenseHR gives you confident control over all your essential HR processes, and automates your most repetitive tasks so that you can focus on the areas that make the biggest difference. Designed by seasoned HR analysts and built by HR tech experts, SenseHR goes beyond the traditional HR requirements, helping your organisation thrive within today’s evolving world of work.

Make it yours

We designed SenseHR to help you and your team feel right at home while you work – and that means an HR system that you can customise to suit your brand’s unique style. Not only can you brand SenseHR with your own company logos, but you can select the right colour theme to match – blending everything from your menu bar and on-screen buttons, to your fonts and background colours.

Clear and affordable pricing

Starting from just £1 per person per month, SenseHR delivers powerful HR software at an affordable price point for all organisations. And unlike many HR systems, which hide their complicated pricing structures behind aggressive sales tactics, our pricing is easy to find, easy to understand, and publicly available - always.

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About us

SenseHR is built and maintained by HR software experts with decades of experience working within HR professionals from all over the world. This is not the first UK HR system our team has brought to market – but it is our best. Why not find out more about who we are, where we came from, and the HR philosophies that make us tick?

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What is HR Software and what is it used for?

A Human resources (HR) software solution combines a number of systems and processes and is used by small and large businesses for better employee management—also called Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software, Core HR, HR Administration software, It lets you manage employee data, payroll, expenses, benefits, recruitment, on-boarding, training, absence, workloads, performance and more.

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Learn more about us

SenseHR is an HR System built by HR technology experts with decades of experience working with HR teams across the UK and beyond, and is designed to help organisations not only manage a more flexible workplace, but to also grow and thrive as they welcome a new generation of people.

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