Absence sickness

Register sickness and track absence

It’s easy to record or track sickness - or any other type of absence - directly from your browser, or with the SenseHR mobile app.

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Deliver real HR insights
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Set your own rules

Create your own types of sickness, design your own absence schemes, and decide whether to measure time off in hours or days.

Manage your return to work process

Stay compliant by recording your return to work process directly within your SenseHR system.

A modern mobile app for everyone

See who’s off

See a breakdown of absence at a glance, either by company, department, team or individual.

Spot trends

Heatmaps show you which days are most prone to sickness, and can reveal trends from individuals or teams.

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Set triggers

Implement absence scoring systems such as the Bradford Factor, to trigger warnings when individuals hit a certain threshold.

Integrates with Google
Manage access

Decide who can see or approve a person’s sickness or absence requests, to keep things private, confidential and controlled.

Automate your own rules
Build workflows

Create automatic processes and workflows based on absence patterns or triggers, to feed into your other HR processes.

Eliminate HR planning pains
Reduce absence

Tackle problem short-term absence through better visibility and monitoring - see what’s happening, and take action early.

Team absence overview

Give team managers an easy way to check their team calendar to see who is working, who is absent, and who is away on planned leave.

Browser or mobile

Manage time off with a single click in your browser, or with our modern mobile app.

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