Holidays and events

Holidays, sickness and other events

Track and manage all types of holidays, sickness or leave, with a dynamic calendar that shows who is where.

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Holidays, sickness and other events

All events, one view

Get instant insights on all types of absence from your main dashboard - from new holiday requests that need approval, to who is off sick today.

Preciselly record employees hours
Full records
Holiday approval

Holiday requests submitted by employees get automatically sent to whoever needs to approve them

Holidays and events
Sickness and absence heatmaps

Keep track of absence, with easy options to record sickness or AWOL – and smart heat maps to show you which days you're most likely to be missing somebody.

Time and attendance
Manage all events

Record as many types of absence events as you like, with parental leave, jury service, training days – and even the option to create your own!

Company planner

See who is in, and who is off, at a glance – and filter your view by company, by department, by team, or even by individual.

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