Introducing Ami: Your AI assistant!

Integrated directly into your HR database, Ami does more than just simulate conversation. It can:

  • Search records to find information
  • Offer HR planning advice
  • Write custom letters with unlimited templates
Built with the latest GPT-4 technology, Ami is the perfect virtual assistant for any HR manager, helping you plan HR meetings, create reports for senior management, answer questions like "who's off sick today?", and can provide general information on topics including UK employment law.*


*For specific concerns or advice tailored to your situation, you should consult with a legal professional.

Full records
Discover insights

Ami can explore your HR database to find fast answers about your workforce, with a friendly and helpful personality you’ll love.

Holidays and events
Create agendas

Ami is super organised, and loves to help you manage all your HR plans, agendas and schedules like meetings and appraisals.

Time and attendance
Write documents

Ami can write custom letters, documents and communications to help you build better relationships with your team members.

org charts
Key features

Ami keeps your HR data secure

Ami is contained within your HR database, and cannot share any of your HR data with the outside world. While powered by GPT-4, Ami is not permitted to browse the internet, and cannot share your data with anybody but you.

Register your interest today

Ami is only available to a limited number of SenseHR customers, and is by invitation only. To register your interest in using our unique AI-powered HR assistant, enter your email address here.