Manage all documents for all worker types, with in-built assistance from AI

Create, send and sign all policies, documents and contracts

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Go completely paperless
Contracts and policies

Create unlimited documents and templates

From employment contracts to uniform policies, SenseHR lets you upload or create as many documents, contracts and templates as you like.

In-built e-signatures

Let your people read and sign documents from directly within SenseHR, using legally-accepted ID-stamped e-sign technology.

Documents and e-signature

Write policies in seconds with AI

Your virtual HR assistant Ami can write documents and policies from scratch - just say what you want, and let them get to work.

Go completely paperless
Contracts and policies

Auto-populate letters and contracts

With a single tap or click, you can personalise any letter or contract with info held in any employee record, such as name, job title, salary or length of service.

See who’s read your policies

SenseHR shows you who has received, who has read, and who has signed your different documents - helping you prove your compliance.


Require multiple people to sign the same copy of a single document, with our easy multi-signature technology.

Mobile documents

All documents can be checked, signed and saved via the SenseHR mobile app - an easy way to engage your workforce.

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