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Our team has been building HR software since 2005. We know when it’s time for a change – and in 2023, we decided to build a modern HR system that could actually handle the changing world of work.

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Our story

Our story

For the last two decades, our team has been building HR software. We launched our first HR system in 2005, which for its time, was highly advanced. And in 2013, we did it again – responding this time to the need for more accessible cloud-based HR software for SMEs.

So why, in 2023, have we found ourselves launching yet another HR system!? Surely that’s the last thing this world needs… right? Actually, the world of work has changed significantly in the last 5 years. And it will continue changing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, other HR systems weren’t quite built to handle this rate of change.

Built in the UK by seasoned experts, SenseHR leverages unique modern architecture, which is far more responsive to change – and will allow you to stay relevant for years to come, as the world of work evolves.

Our beliefs

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HR admin should be simple

We believe that managing absences, holidays, timesheets and documents should be easy. Even when dealing with complex organisation charts, different employment types and irregular working patterns.

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On-boarding should make sense

We believe that bringing new people into your organisation should feel good. That means an automated on-boarding workflow that ticks all the boxes, and gives pre-starters a place to find their feet.

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Smarter talent mapping

We believe that success goes beyond simply matching qualified people to appropriate job titles. Building a successful team is also about mapping the relationships and experiences that people share.

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Payroll data should be clearer

We believe that payroll data should be easy to understand for both you and your teams. That means no manual calculations between HR and payroll, and real-time earned pay updates for your people.

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HR should make an impact

We believe that HR plays a critical role in any organisation’s success. Your HR software should therefore support you in demonstrating the impact you make, with clear reports that show important metrics.

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Software should be affordable

We believe that HR software should be affordable – and transparently priced. That means no talking to a sales person before you can get a quote – just a simple price that you can calculate yourself.

Meet our team

Our Team

Abbi Abbi Workflow Specialist
abidali Abidali Cloud Engineering
Adam Adam Training Lead
adrian Adrian Cloud Engineering
ana Ana Cloud Engineering
Andreea Andreea Cloud Engineering
Andrei Andrei Cloud Engineering
Andrei Andrei Marketeer
ani Ani Cloud Engineering
bharat Bharat Product Manager
bianca Bianca Cloud Engineering
caro Caro UI Designer
cata Cata Cloud Engineering
cosmin Cosmin Cloud Engineering
cristi Cristi Cloud Engineering
cristi Cristina Data Scientist
Elle Elle Sales
francisc Francisc QA Engineer
gabi Gabi UX Designer
ganesh Ganesh Cloud Engineering
gary Gary CSO
gheorge Gheorghe Cloud Engineering
ioana Ioana QA Engineer
Jack Jack CFO
Jack Jack Sales
jason Jason Head of partnerships
jo Jo Program Officer
Joel Joel Project Manager
john John CMO
Jordan Jordan Project Manager
john Josh Sales
Kalis Kalis Workflow Specialist
Kat Kat Accounting Technician
krisztina Krisztina Cloud Engineering
Kully Kully Customer Success
manjit Manjit CEO
manjit Martin Customer Service
michael Michael Sales
Morgan Morgan Customer Service
naveeraj Navneeraj Cloud Engineering
parj Parj Product Specialist
peter Peter Strategic Advisor
petru Petru Marketeer
phil Phil Chef
ripal Ripal Cloud Engineering
sam Ryan DevOps Engineer
sam Sam Customer Service
sam Sam CPO
sat Sat MD
sebastian Sebastian QA Engineer
shyam Shyam Cloud Engineering
stew Stewart Head of Cloud infrastructure
suraj Suraj Cloud Engineering Manager
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