SenseHR Timeline

Outlook Integration

Share events, dates and more between Outlook and SenseHR.

Custom Dashboards

Create your own dashboards with custom fields, labels, and rules.

Company news boards

Publish news and updates to keep your workforce engaged and up to speed.

Activity feed and notifications

See what’s happening across your company with your real-time HR activity feed

Integrated to-do’s

Create to-do lists that are linked to different screens and actions within your system

Planned development

Screen Designer

Design custom information screens to track unique company data.

Mobile Expenses (with AI)

Let employees capture receipts via the SenseHR mobile app, with in-built AI to auto-populate the expense claim form.

AI-powered HR assistance

Ask AMI to search your database, run reports, and find answers on UK employment law.

Next release


Hireful Integration

Share data directly with the Hireful ATS, for a seamless transition for new starter on-boarding.

Event Manager

Create any type of custom events, such as Jury Duty or Duvet Days, and set custom rules or entitlements.

Google Calendar Integration

Two-way link between your Google Calendar and your SenseHR calendar, to share events, dates, and more.


Mobile documents

Read and sign documents via the Sense Workplace mobile app.

AI-powered HR templates

Use integrated AI to create custom document templates from scratch within your HR system.



Enhanced reports

Even more ways to find and report on HR data within your SenseHR system.

Time and attendance clocks

Give employees a physical machine for clocking in or out with their phone or badge.

Sense Presence

See who is in or out the office, and when they were last seen in real-time.


On/off-boarding workflows

Smooth workflows to join the dots with your on-boarding and off-boarding processes

Work Patterns

Create and customise different shifts and working patterns for different people.


Mobile app

Request holidays, register sickness and more with the Sense Workplace mobile app.

Org charts

See your company structure, such as who reports to you, with your own organisation chart.

Multi-Company Login

Switch between different accounts if you are associated with multiple companies.

Documents & Signatures

Upload documents, assign them to people, and request electronic signatures.


Process Builder

Request custom processes to automate the HR tasks you hate the most.


July 2023

SenseHR is launched with all the HR software essentials to manage a modern workforce.