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6 tips to inspire Generation Z

Abbi Melville

From mental health and well-being, to climate change and the gig economy – these 7 findings can help you to inspire Gen Z in the workplace today.

What are contingent workers, and why should you care?

Petru Tinca

Contingent workers are becoming an increasingly important part of the UK workforce. But what are they, and how can we help them feel included and connected?

Six advantages of older workers

John Crowley

Older workers often face discrimination. But research shows they can drive innovation, increase productivity and bring expertise and stability to the workplace.

How does recent UK industrial action affect HR?

Bharat Jain

Industrial action in the UK has had a significant impact on HR, who have had to deal with staff shortages, transportation issues, and postal service backlogs.

5 cutting edge people management practices explained

Petru Tinca

Can HR really give their organisation a competitive edge by introducing some of these five cutting-edge people management practices into their organisations?

Top 10 HR trends to watch in 2023

Abbi Melville

With 2022 behind us, we decided to take a look at the top 10 trends to watch in 2023. Can AI really be trusted to inform hiring and firing decisions?

10 gig economy sites reviewed from an employer’s perspective

Abbi Melville

The modern workforce includes several consultants, contractors and freelancers. Here are 10 top gig economy websites to help you find top talent for your teams.

Top 6 technology skills HR professionals need now 

Petru Tinca

The future of work is here! In this article, we’re looking at the 6 crucial technology skills HR professionals need right now, if they want to remain relevant and help their organisation grow.

Four innovative ways to overcome talent shortages

John Crowley

Talent shortages have intensified over the previous two years, forcing HR teams to innovate and find even more new ways to attract talent into their organisations. Here are four great ideas you may not have considered.

4 of the most Innovative remote/flexible working practices and technologies. 

Bharat Jain

HR teams came out of the pandemic thinking the remote working debate was done – but the definition of “hybrid” working continues to evolve. Here are some of the most interesting approaches to flexible working we’re seeing today.

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