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From “Big hat, no cattle” to “all the cattle and too many hats”: The evolving and growing role of the people profession 

John Crowley

The US saying from the 80s, “Big hat, no cattle”, summed up the idea that HR managers had a big important title, but no big important function to go with it. How things have changed! We look at how HR has grown into one of the most diverse, demanding, and agile roles in an organisation.

What’s in store for us at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022? 

John Crowley

As another summer comes to an end and the nights begin to close in, as woolly jumpers grace our shop windows once again, and as we line up at Starbucks for our Pumpkin Spiced Latte, we can’t help but think about a little event beginning with C.

The rise and rise of the progressive web app: how HR departments and their people are getting ahead by scrapping native apps 

Bharat Jain

Everybody has someone in their lives who seems superhuman. Whether they’re a famous icon, a fabulous friend, or a parent, they seem to have it all, do it all, and still have time to cater for everybody else, without putting a foot wrong or getting a hair out of place.

Power to your people with graph databases

Abbi Melville

Human relations departments used to process people data in a similar way that finance departments process fiscal data: the role was administrative, and people were company assets

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