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Unlimited holiday allowance—Netflix, GitHub, and LinkedIn are all doing it, so should you be doing it too? 

Abbi Melville

Leave without limits—it sounds fantastic! What could possibly go wrong? If you’ve heard about the likes of Netflix, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Virgin, ditching the holiday policies, and are wondering, “What’s all the fuss about?”, then you’ve come to the right place.

Minimum holiday pay entitlement regulations in the UK: How’s it calculated, who gets it, and why? 

Abbi Melville

Holiday entitlement can be minefield—and it’s just as explosive if you get it wrong. But don’t worry, after reading this, you’ll be a holiday hotshot with all the answers.

What is the national minimum wage, the national living wage, and the real living wage 

Gary Middleton

Once upon a time—way back in 2016—the legal minimum pay per hour in the UK was dictated by the National Minimum Wage.

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