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Can pubs and restaurants really offer flexible working?

Bharat Jain

Discover how the hospitality industry is adapting to the demand for flexible working – including examples from Youngs, Rick Stein and McDonald’s.

On-boarding: expectations versus reality 

Petru Tinca

On-boarding is a key part of the employee lifecycle. Fail to meet employee expectations at this crucial stage, and you could be setting them up for failure.

How should HR deal with strike action in 2023?

Bharat Jain

2023 has brought strike action on a scale not seen for a generation. But how should HR managers mitigate handle this, and what are their responsibilities?

What will the future office look like?

Petru Tinca

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, we decided to look at some of the trends we’re seeing with modern office design – to answer the question: What will the future office look like?

6 ways people managers can support their staff’s mental health.

Petru Tinca

Mental health is the main cause of absence in the UK. Line managers play a crucial role – check out the 6 ways they can support mental health in the workplace.

Can ChatGPT help to automate HR?

John Crowley

Can ChatGPT play a role in automating your HR processes? We decided to put it to the test – and were pleasantly surprised by the results.

6 tips to inspire Generation Z

Abbi Melville

From mental health and well-being, to climate change and the gig economy – these 7 findings can help you to inspire Gen Z in the workplace today.

What are contingent workers, and why should you care?

Petru Tinca

Contingent workers are becoming an increasingly important part of the UK workforce. But what are they, and how can we help them feel included and connected?

Six advantages of older workers

John Crowley

Older workers often face discrimination. But research shows they can drive innovation, increase productivity and bring expertise and stability to the workplace.

How does recent UK industrial action affect HR?

Bharat Jain

Industrial action in the UK has had a significant impact on HR, who have had to deal with staff shortages, transportation issues, and postal service backlogs.

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