Introducing the Sense Clock: Modern time management for your workplace

Sense Clock is the modern way to manage time and attendance. Clock in using a tag, a Sense Badge, a mobile app, or even the automatic Sense Presence technology.

John Crowley • 
Introducing the Sense Clock

We understand the challenges you face when it comes to keeping track of time and attendance. And we understand that these challenges have been made more complex for many by the introduction of hybrid working practices. And that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Sense Clock – the modern way to manage time and attendance for your team.

Clock in or out however you prefer

Not every organisation does time and attendance the same. Some clock in using a swipe card or key fob, others use an online system that gets manually validated, and some don’t even track time or attendance at all.

Sense is unique in that it lets you configure clocking in and out, to suit the way you work.

  • Tap in/out. If you like the traditional card/tag/fob on arrival or exit, the Sense Clock has got you covered with NFC (Near Field Contact) technology
  • Mobile app. The Sense Mobile App lets your people clock in or out with their phone – and can verify employee location using GPS or Sense Gateway
  • Automatic. If you hate manually clocking in or out, we can fix you up with a Sense Gateway, complete with Sense Presence technology to automatically clock your people in and out, on arrival or exit
  • Sense Badge. The wearable Sense Badge is a dedicated device complete with everything you need to communicate, manage tasks, and clock in or out at work. It works with the Sense Clock, the Sense Gateway, or standalone with GPS.

But importantly? However you configure your Sense system to clock your people in or out, all data gets sent straight to your HR system for easy admin or analysis.

Works out of the box thanks to native integration

Unlike many clock machine products, which require a lot of technical integration to work with your HR system, the Sense Clock was built by the same team that built Sense. Meaning this is a native integration that works right out of the box.

HR manager Francesca, from CW Fields, said this about her new Sense Clocks:

“SenseHR provided me with their own Sense-branded clocking in machines, which we use for our staff at our head office in North Lincolnshire. And because the hardware is owned by Sense, we don’t need to worry about whether we’ve got the integration set up correctly – everything works as intended.”

You can read Francesca’s full story here.

Enhancing workplace safety and flexibility

Many customers who implement SenseHR choose to use the automatic gateway as their clocking method of choice. One of the reasons this is so popular, is because of the Sense Presence technology that powers it.

When switched on, Sense Presence can not only clock your people in or out automatically, but it can show you who was last seen in any particular building, or on any particular floor, and how long ago they were last seen. Operationally, this has its benefits. But for HR, this is also great – customers use Sense Presence to manage fire drills, office capacity planning, and more. It’s especially helpful if you have a flexible hybrid working policy, and would like to know how often people are visiting the office.

To learn more about our Time and Attendance tools – and how you can get a SenseHR system for your own organisation, complete with a Sense Clock and more – get in touch with one of our experts for a free demo today.