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Why you should factor backward compatibility when choosing HR apps for your business.

John Crowley

Backward compatibility is a crucial but often overlooked factor of HR apps. Can you be sure your HR software will work properly for employees with older phones?

4 steps to building a business case for new HR software

Abbi Melville

Know HR software will be good for your business, but struggling to get your colleagues on-board? Here’s how to build a strong business case for a new HR system.

How HR software can enable flexible working in inflexible industries

Bharat Jain

There has been slower adoption of flexible working in more traditional industries, such as those that employ frontline workers with face-to-face job roles.

Take a break with SenseHR

John Crowley

Still using clunky systems to track annual leave? Give team members a holiday booking system that they’ll love – and ensure they’re taking the breaks they need.

Onboarding: Expectations VS reality 

Bharat Jain

At some point, most of us have bounced into a new job like Tigger, only to shuffle out at the end of the first week feeling more like Eeyore. But why?

What does your HR software say about your company? 

Sam Radford

Since the pandemic, HR software has become the digital home of the workforce. So, instead of asking what your home says about you, we’re asking what does your HR software say about you? And how can you make sure that it’s a good brand ambassador?

A new generation of agile HR for a flexible workforce 

Abbi Melville

The people profession is about effectively managing and developing all the people who make up a workforce. HR means human resources. So why do so many HR software solutions still prioritise the traditional full-time employee over every other human? It’s because it’s easy to build a restrictive system. Not because it’s right. But we fixed that for you… you’re welcome.

HR system down again? It doesn’t have to be that way 

Gary Middleton

Legacy HR systems always seem to let you down at the worst possible time, don’t they? Crashing out on a Monday morning at 9 AM, just when you need them the most. But it shouldn’t be that way. An HR system should be as reliable and loyal as “Dick” Winters (Band of Brothers) … What can I say? We’ve got a war theme going on today.

Principles of change management for the people profession 

John Crowley

How can HR professionals put transformation into practice or respond quickly to external forces, while keeping their people happy, engaged, motivated, and productive? The answer is a good change management strategy… and for everything else, there’s SenseHR.

What is SaaS? 

John Crowley

What does the phrase SaaS stand for, and what does it mean? We look at what “Software as a Service” means, and how it applies to solutions such as HR systems.

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