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Should we give employees the right to switch off?

Professor Sir Cary Cooper

This guest post, by former CIPD president Professor Sir Cary Cooper, highlights some of the problems with sending emails or messages outside of working hours.

My employer hasn’t paid me – what should I do?

Bharat Jain

The horror of checking your bank account only to find out you haven’t been paid – it can be shocking! Today, we look at some of the next steps you can take.

What Is a transparent pay policy, and should you make the shift?

Petru Tinca

Having a transparent pay policy has its benefits, and doesn’t have to mean publishing the salaries of all people you hire – we explore further in this article.

Is it OK for an employee to have two jobs?

Bharat Jain

1 in 10 UK employees are considering a second job in 2023 to make ends meet. It’s not illegal, but it can lead to burnout. Just how supportive should HR be?

Are unlimited leave policies viable? 

Abbi Melville

Unlimited holiday leave. Dangerous or appealing? Many companies have tried it, and had a lot of success – but your policy probably needs some careful caveats.

How will the cost-of-living (COL) crisis impact your employees in 2023?

Petru Tinca

There’s a cost-of-living crisis, and more employees than ever are struggling to cope. Should you give a pay rise, or are there other ways you can help?

What type of bonus scheme is best for your business? Here are 7 to consider.

Petru Tinca

Which is the best bonus scheme for your business? Learn about different options, and how to implement a successful compensation and reward strategy.

6 different types of employment contracts and when to use them.

Bharat Jain

Which employment contracts best suit your business needs? We explore several, including full-time, part-time, zero-hour, self-employment, fixed-term and agency.

How to conduct a salary review in a high Inflation era

Abbi Melville

Economic turmoil is putting pressure on employers to give large pay rises. Here’s how HR professionals are conducting salary reviews in this high-inflation era.

Gender pay gap reporting – all you need to know.

Abbi Melville

Since 2017, UK employers with 250+ staff have been required to report their gender pay gap. But while the gap has declined, more work still needs to be done.

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