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SenseHR can be plugged into Sense Tech – our modern solution for frontline workers

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Modern tech for frontline workers
The sense badge

The Sense Badge

At the heart of the Sense Tech solution is the Sense Badge, which clips to any pocket, collar or belt – perfect for busy frontline workers.

TImesheet automation
Timesheet automation

The Sense Badge detects when workers are inside or outside of their designated working zones, and automatically populates their timesheets.

Lone worker support
Lone worker support

Sense can detect environmental dangers, hard falls, and even comes with an SOS system to support lone workers in more vulnerable situations.

Task management
Task management

The Sense solution assigns tasks and duties to team members based on their location, skillset or job role, and lets you track progress remotely.

Frontline workers

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SenseHR works with or without Sense Tech. To find out more about how Sense Tech supports frontline workers.

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