How SenseHR is helping SourceFlow embrace rapid growth

SourceFlow switched to SenseHR because they needed a more modern HR system that would grow with their business. Read about their experience here.

John Crowley • 

Attracting top talent is difficult. Not only do you have to make sure that your company is a great place to work, but you have to get this message somehow to stand out across to the job market!

SourceFlow is one of the few companies that really “gets” this challenge, helping their clients build gorgeous, revenue-generating recruitment websites focused on candidate and client conversions.

So when SourceFlow started using SenseHR to manage their workforce, we were honoured to have such a talented team on our books. And recently, we decided to catch up with them to find out why they switched from Breathe to Sense – and what’s made them stay.

“We needed HR software that could handle rapid growth”

Sourceflow launched in June 2022. But this was not their team’s first rodeo. In fact, their founding members – including Darren Curtis, their Chief Revenue Officer – had previously built and managed a very successful recruitment marketing SaaS business before.

“We’ve been in the recruitment software market for a long time” he tells me. “So when we first started SourceFlow, we knew that we would grow quite big, quite fast.”

He was right – they went from a team of six, to a team of nearly 30, in less than two years. And with ambitions to double this number in the months that followed, Darren knew it was time to look at their internal systems, to ensure they were ready to scale.

“We ran into pricing and functionality limitations with Breathe”

SourceFlow started their journey with an HR system called “Breathe” – which Darren says suited them fine while they were only half a dozen people. But it didn’t quite suit their rapid growth.

“Breathe was a quick-fix solution at the very beginning, to serve an immediate need” he says. “But the reality was that as soon as our team expanded beyond 20, we hit a bunch of limitations with their pricing structure and functionality.”

SourceFlow started scouting the HR software market for something flexible enough to fit their growth plans, and something modern enough to suit the way their living and breathing workforce was shaping up.

“None of the older systems are as flexible as SenseHR”

“The thing that first caught our eye about SenseHR was the price” laughs Darren. “But actually, what made me take the leap, was seeing just how easily SenseHR could be adapted to the way we ran our business.”

Darren says that many older cloud-based HR systems force you to adapt your HR admin to suit their way of working – but that the working world is changing, and HR technology should be able to keep up.

“SenseHR lets me add custom screens, custom workflows, or even custom dashboards to my system. This is the kind of thing I’d expect from a complicated and expensive on-premise HR system – not an easy and low-cost browser-based system. It’s incredible, because it means we can keep our own unique ways of doing things, simply by making a configuration tweak within SenseHR.”

“Implementation was a dream – everyone’s an expert!”

SourceFlow implemented SenseHR, and were initially wary about the hassle of moving from one HR system to another. But Darren says that they didn’t need to be wary at all – in fact, the process was almost enjoyable!

“Implementing SenseHR was a dream” he says. “No matter who we spoke to on the phone, it was clear that every single person had worked with HR for a very long time. They all knew their subject matter inside out, and spoke fluently on all topics without a moment’s hesitation. We were up and running surprisingly fast!”

Darren says that loading the data from one system to the other was handled rapidly and accurately – and most importantly of all, it didn’t interfere with his other business operations.

“Our team love SenseHR – they use it all the time”

Although employee engagement was never really on the agenda when looking for a new HR system, it was perhaps the most surprising outcome for Darren – who says that SenseHR has been actively adopted by the rest of the SourceFlow team.

“Our head of delivery is making extensive use of the system,” Darren tells me. “The team love that they can log in using their browser or a mobile app, and just get on with the stuff they need to do.”

Darren says that because the SenseHR system has such a beautiful modern design, is so easy to use, and has such useful functionality, they didn’t need to convince anybody internally that it was a good change – it all just clicked, right away.

“We’re excited about the SenseHR roadmap – especially AI”

Before we finish our conversation, Darren tells me how excited he is for the roadmap he’s seen – especially all the AI enhancements that are being actively developed within SenseHR.

“We don’t want a system that just does a great job, then stagnates” he says. “We want a system run by people who are always looking into the future, and actively developing their product. That’s exactly what SenseHR is doing – I’ve seen the evidence, and since joining, there has been a constant stream of updates and improvements that just keep making our HR function better and better.”

Darren says that he sees a lot of cultural alignment between SenseHR and SourceFlow, and that he likes working with a company that’s as forward-thinking as his own.

You can learn more about SourceFlow, by visiting their website here.